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My father told me I should join "NA." Confused, I asked why. "Because you clearly have a knitting problem!" Those sneaky silent Ks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We hit the city...

In an attempt to go to Freddy's open knitting night, Anne and I went to NYC Sunday/Monday.

We had brunch in Soho and scored free mimosas.

And we went to Purl Soho and didn't buy a thing. Sad, sad, sad.

We did buy ridiculous amounts of clothes at Century 21 instead, and then hung out in Brooklyn with Tom and Ed...

(at the restaurant from Garden State)

...who informed us it would be a really annoying trip to get to south Brooklyn from Williamsburg. So we didnt go, and instead drank Long Island beer at a bar with a sand floor.

We knit on the train home.


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