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My father told me I should join "NA." Confused, I asked why. "Because you clearly have a knitting problem!" Those sneaky silent Ks!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So I've started a knitting blog...

After almost a year and a half of knitting, I have finally gotten a digital camera. I mean, I had the cell phone camera, which brought us pictures like this

of me and Anne and Meg knitting while waiting for Los Lobos to rock out.

And I had friend's with digital cameras, which brought us pictures like these

of me knitting in the rainy wait to get into Coventry, taken by Heather, and

of Joseph visiting me at a Wine Bar knitting night, taken by Renee.

But now, friends, I will take pictures of my lovely knitting projects as they go, my scary stash as it grows, and my fellow knitaholics, flaunting our fiber arts throughout the Capital District.

Knit On!


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